Initial Med Cert 1,2 and 3, CPR/FA and Provider trainings are continuing.

Cert 1 Medication Administration renewal classes will resume 6/14/20.

Along with the rest of the world, we’ve been closely monitoring the evolving situation with COVID-19. We recognize that it has brought uncertainty and disruption to everyone. In an effort to continue to serve as well as keep people safe, DPI offers the following.

  • We are diligently following the information issued by the Centers for Disease Control, as well as the guidance given through the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities. If contracting agencies need assistance in interpreting these changes, please let us know.

  • Classes: We are continuing to hold classes as our class size is small. However, we are taking the following precautions.

    • Per guidance from DODD, classes will include information on the COVID-19 virus as well as prevention measures.

    • If students have visible signs of illness, we will be requesting that they leave the class and reschedule at a later time.

    • Students will be requested to wash their hands at the start of class (and again as the 2nd session begins following lunch if it is a Cert 1 class).

    • We have increased the cleaning of the building and training spaces in order to contain any spread of germs.

  • Consulting services: We are prepared to continue our consulting contracts following the guidance we get from the contracting agency. As much as possible will be done remotely. Your consultant will be reaching out to see how they can assist.

While we know this is a difficult time, this pandemic is also an incredible opportunity to help one another. We look forward to partnerships that help us navigate our current situation.

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